Samsung Galaxy M51 claims to be ‘Mean Monster Ever’, but challenges Mo-B combat

Samsung Galaxy M51 claims to be ‘Mean Monster Ever’, but challenges Mo-B combat

Samsung recently announced that it is set to launch its #MeansteemonsterEver- Galaxy M51. This smartphone has been teased on

Samsung has really strengthened its position in India’s mid-range smartphone market with its M-series. Smartphones like the Galaxy M30, M30s and M31 have been liked by people. The latest addition to this series is the powerful smartphone Galaxy M31. However, if you go to the store and buy one of these phones, then before that if you are told that another very special and powerful phone from Samsung is coming, how will it be? Putting an end to all the ongoing rumors about its next device, Samsung has recently announced that it is ready to launch its #MeanestMonsterEver– Galaxy M51. This smartphone has been teased on and more information is expected in the coming days.

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However, the title of #MestestMonsterEver is not one that can be easily achieved. The Galaxy M51 has recently been challenged by another monster named Mo-B for the #MeanestMonster match. With green color and unique features, this monster has come up to challenge the new Samsung M51 named Minest Monster Ever. The ground is being prepared for this grand match starting on 6 September. It will be known from this match which deserves this prestigious title. It seems that Mo-B will compete harder in the competition.

The question may be in people’s mind that who exactly is Mo-Bee and what makes it brilliant and powerful? We are also surprised like you! Although Monster Mo-Bee looks cute and naughty, don’t forget that he is here for the #MestestMonsterEver title bout. We are a little nervous and a little excited about this fight between two different rivals. How will this match happen? Mo-B is already working hard. He has been shown to lift heavy weights and do cardio exercises in the gym. Certainly the battle will be extremely difficult and challenging. And its look suggests that Mo-B will not give up easily when confronted.

Does the Samsung Galaxy M51 have any chance to compete against Mo-B, who has worked hard and practiced strong? Only time will tell. However, if you take a look at the specification of the Galaxy M51, you will be completely impressed by it. The device has an industry-leading 7000mAh battery. The Galaxy M-series has already achieved a major milestone with its strong battery life. However, Samsung has actually made improvements with the Galaxy M51. The exact number has not yet been revealed, but looking at the performance of other M-series devices over the past months, it can be said that the battery of the Galaxy M51 phone with normal and heavy usage should last for 2 days comfortably. The device will come with a 25W Type C fast charger, which can support wired reverse charging.

For the first time, the Galaxy M-series device will be powered by an extremely fast Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Galaxy M51 will feature a powerful, power-efficient 730G processor. Apart from this, we have also come to know that the M51 will feature a stunning 16.95cm (6.7 “) sAMOLED Plus Infinity-O display. The phone has a distinct identity with the M-series due to the nice screen in the Samsung. Another feature of this new phone has been revealed. The Galaxy M51 will feature a segment-leading 64MP quad camera set-up with a single-tech feature. This special feature can take multiple pictures and videos simultaneously.

Whatever information we have so far, this thing is certain – this smartphone will be attracted by attracting it based on its superb specification-sheet. And this is going to give a tough competition to Mo-B.

With so many rounds going on between the Mo-B and the Samsung Galaxy M51, it will be really interesting to see who stays on top in this battle of the decade for the special title! Both contestants have a lot of power, which makes the match very interesting. The arena is all set for the Samsung Galaxy M51 v / s Mo-B, and the winner of this match is the #MestestMonsterEver himself! Will say that the fight between the demons will start soon, so stay with us for the first challenge.

Samsung’s M-series smartphones have raised the standard significantly in the budget and affordable smartphone market. It is interesting to see from OEMs like Samsung that the brand is not stopping yet and is constantly bringing new things. The Galaxy M51 will soon hit the Indian market and will be available on and

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