Best Selling Neckband Earphones under 3000 in 2020

Best Selling Neckband headphones under 3000 in 2020

Every Music Lover Wants Wireless earphone becuase Wireless earphone have become a need for music lovers as it removes the hassles of wires.With time the connectivity and sound quality has Nice improved a lot and wireless earphones or earbuds today offer awesome experience and style Also.

In this Article, we have covered the top & best wireless earphones and earbuds in India in 2020 that is top class in the budget.This article also covers 5 best brands like MI, Realme, JBL, Sony with a price range of under 3000 to under 9000.

So with this list of best wireless Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, you can easily select the one you need as per your budget. Most of the headphones in this list are in-ear styled as those are less clunky and easy to carry around.

Here is a list of best wireless earphones & earbuds in India:

Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphones:

Welcome the new Realme Buds Wireless with a large 11.2mm bass driver, giving you a powerful bass experience and exceptional sound quality. 

Wow So Premium neckband design earphone with long lasting battery life with powerful bass.

The Realme buds come fitted with mighty 11.2mm drivers delivering fantastic  bass and excellent sound quality. Equipped with ear fins and 31.8g weight, not only will you be able to wear your earphone for longer but also wear them easy comfortably too. The earphones are also equipped with something called MFP or Magnetic Fast Pair that continues to play songs while the buds are detached, and they stop playing songs when they are magnetically attached.

The battery include inside is 110mAh, and it lasts for around 8-12 hours on a one single charge. This sort of endurance gives royalty with the feel users a peace of mind of using the earphones. However, if you do end up killing the battery life, thanks to the fast charging capabilities a 10 minutes fast charge can deliver up to 100 minutes of listening time.Adding a touch of premium to the ultimate sound experience, the Realme Buds Wireless also features an elegant neckband design with high grade elastic memory metal which is also skin-friendly.

With all these features, you are bound to have a fantastic listening experience overall and earns a tag of best bluetooth earphones under 2000.  


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