Best Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad

Best Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad

Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad, 4 Fan Design, Metal Mesh, Adjustable Height, LED Light, 2 USB Ports, Support 10 inches to 17 inches Laptops, USB Powered (Black)

Xmate laptop cooling pad is compatible with almost all 10” to 17” laptops, just connect your laptop to Xmate cooling pad with the help of USB cable and this cooling pad will start doing its job.

Xmate brings is the most powerfulXmate laptop cooling pad is powered via USB-A cable (included). Connect to your laptop without losing your ability to connect another USB device. laptop cooling pad available in the online market. It looks like an alien aircraft and comes with 4 inbuilt large fans that can reach up to 1500 revolutions per minute each. When you put your laptop on top of it, be assured it will cool it down in less than a minute.

We often think laptop coolers are noisy but this cooling pad manages to reach high performance while staying quiet. It doesn’t exceed 23dB in operation. To give you an idea, a whisper or the rustling of leaves produces 20dB. Xmate laptop cooling pad also offers the ability to illuminate your desk thanks to its LED lights below each fan.

This is why this is the most powerful laptop cooler on the market. It can cool down the most powerful laptops. If you own a laptop primarily used for office tasks, it will also be a very efficient accessory.

Xmate laptop cooling pad can be raised by 1.5inch using the two foldable legs. This helps increase improve airflow and provides a more angled position. High-grade plastic and metal ensure the durability of this cooling pad along with the aesthetics of this product.

Regardless of being too big or too small, Xmate cooling pad is the best fit, whatever the size of your laptop. From 10 to 17 inches, it will cover the whole area that needs to be cooled below your laptop to allow for a quick drop of the temperature of its components.


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