Best Logitech C525 Portable Webcam Review

Best Logitech C525 Portable Webcam Review

Logitech C525 Portable Webcam, HD 720p/30fps, Widescreen HD Video Calling, Foldable, HD Light Correction, Autofocus, Noise Reduction, for Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, PC/Mac/Laptop/MacBook/Tablet,Best Logitech C525 Portable Webcam Review

Logitech C525 Portable Webcam-Very simple way to start talking online.Chatting is easy with this corded PC headset, perfect for first-time Internet callers. Get just what you need to hear and be heard, plus enjoy your music, movies and games in clear stereo sound.

A great webcam can help you look your best by offering extras that most built-in webcams lack, like autofocus, light correction, full HD video, and the ability to frame yourself just right. After researching 10 top webcams and testing five, we recommend the Logitech C525 HD Pro Webcam. It has all the features you need for great video, whether you’re using it for video conferencing, streaming, or checking in with distant friends and family.


The Logitech C525 Portable HD Webcam is succeeding our top webcam pick, the C525, which has held that spot for the past three years. Like its predecessor, the C525 captures sharp, high-definition (1080p) video with excellent auto white balance and speedy autofocus. It’s easy to set up and use, plus the new webcam cover protects your privacy and will make you feel more comfortable having it always attached to your computer or monitor.

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How we picked

We evaluated 10 current webcams for the update to this guide, including our previous picks, new webcams released since the last time we tested, and best-selling cameras from Amazon. To narrow the field down to five contenders, we compared each camera’s specs, test data from the previous version of our guide, and reviews from webcam owners and professional reviewers.

A good webcam for most people should meet all of these basic criteria, which we used as guidelines for our research:

Price: A webcam with great video quality doesn’t have to cost much.  Logitech C525 Portable Webcam- offer a larger field of view—90 degrees versus 70 to 80 degrees—which is helpful if you want to show more of the room, such as a conference table with many participants. Some other webcams that cost more are “designed for business,” meaning mostly that they’re certified to work with Skype and other video software. But that certification is unnecessary for most top webcams today to work with those programs.

Resolution and frame rate: We favored cameras that support at least full high-definition video (1920×1080, or 1080p resolution) at 30 fps, which is useful for the streaming apps that support it and for video recorded locally. Some high-end cameras support 720p video at 60 frames per second, which makes for smoother video but isn’t necessary for most people who just want to look better in video calls.

Autofocus: We considered only those models that support autofocus. This feature allows webcams to adjust their focus when you move closer to or farther away from the camera or when you hold something up in front of it, so you always look sharp.

Automatic brightness and color correction: You should be able to manually adjust these settings if you really want to, but any good webcam should give you a decent image without requiring you to fiddle with settings.

A good clip or stand: Any webcam needs a clip that makes it simple to attach it to a variety of laptop screens and desktop monitors, and it should be easy to tilt the mic up or down to adjust the view. Stands that also allow the cameras to sit independently on a table or desk, that allow the camera to swivel, or that include a tripod mount are a bonus.

A few other things are nice to have, but most people don’t need to worry about these:

A decent microphone: Most webcams include a noise-cancelling microphone so that you can be easily heard when you’re chatting in a room with a little ambient noise (like a ceiling fan). But if you need better sound quality, you should consider either a USB microphone, or our picks for office, gaming, or Bluetooth headsets with integrated mics.

A glass lens: Glass lenses generally make for better picture quality than plastic ones. Most mid-level to high-end webcams have a glass lens, but ultimately the camera’s resolution, autofocus, and brightness/color adjustments have a larger impact on image quality.

A larger field of view: A larger field of view (measured diagonally) means the people you’re chatting with can see more of you and your room at once. But for video chatting, a larger view isn’t that important, and most webcams offer roughly the same field of view anyway. Almost all of the cameras we tested had a field of view between about 70 and 80 degrees; the lowest-end model had a 60-degree field of view, and the highest-end model had a 90-degree field of view.

A longer warranty: Most of the webcams we tested had two- or three-year warranties. But overall, webcams are relatively simple, mostly stationary devices that don’t tend to break often.

Extra software: Most webcams will work without any extra software. If the webcam does include optional software, it should be purely additive and easy to use.

Just plug the two standard microphone and headphone jacks into your computer—works with any PC sound card.Enjoy music, movies and games in 2-channel audio that’s easy to keep all to yourself.

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